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Solutions for Distribution Associations

Fernley & Fernley was founded in response to a need for leadership and professional management in the distribution industry, back in 1886. Since then, we have built a reputation as the experts in managing distribution associations.

A large number of our current clients still represent various sectors of the distribution industry including gases and welding, aviation, industrial supply, frozen foods, horticultural supply and water and sewer.

Some of the valuable membership programs that have been developed for our distribution association clients include:

  • Online Training for Member Company Employees
  • Webinars for Inside/Outside Sales and Sales Management
  • Contact Booth/Exhibit Programs
  • Young Executive Programs for Leadership Training and Networking
  • Industry Partnering and Sponsorship Programs
  • Regional Membership Meetings
  • Regulator and Legislative Consultant Programs
  • Litigation Services
  • Human Relations

Our philosophy is to provide access to transferable programs, such as these, to all of our clients, no matter how large or small.

Another contributing factor to the success of our distribution association clients is our strong commitment to playing an active role within the industry. We accomplish this goal through involvement in a number of distribution industry coalitions which leverage the available resources of our clients and create opportunities for partnerships, affiliate programs, and the development of industry best practices.

Some of those organizations include:

  • National Association of Wholesalers-Distributors
  • Association Education Alliance
  • American Society of Association Executives

Our Executive Directors not only participate in allied associations, they also hold leadership roles within them. This level of involvement benefits our clients, our associates, and the entire firm.