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"Fernley & Fernley's management of the FEA took us to a new, much more professional level as a nationally recognized trade association. When our association faced turbulent times, they were with us every step of the way, providing crucial guidance. I highly recommend this firm to any association in need of professional management."

F. Moore McLaughlin, IV, Esq., CPA, CEA
Past President of the
Federation of Exchange Accommodators (FEA)


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Organizational Strategy & Leadership

Strategic Planning — Every organization needs a clear understanding of its mission, goals and objectives so that it can provide continuity in its programs and services. With non-profit organizations, the primary threat to continuity is the rotating nature of its volunteer leadership and the changing "agendas" of newly elected leaders. A viable strategic plan is the most effective way to preserve the continuity and integrity of association activities insuring that they are aligned with the goals of the full organization. Planning can be an arduous task, implementing the plan can be even more challenging without the proper guidance. Fernley & Fernley has guided many organizations in the development and implementation of an effective strategic plan.

Board Orientation/Leadership Development — Fernley’s approach to leadership development is to provide new leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to be effective in their role on the board, as committee chairs or committee members. By training volunteers how to be prepared on the front-end, precious meeting time can be used more effectively to drive the strategic direction of the organization. We routinely provide new volunteer leaders with written guidelines and in some cases offer workshops that serve to prepare volunteers for their new found responsibilities.

Start-up Volunteer Organizations — Starting an association is much like starting your own business. It requires hard work and careful planning. However, when people band together for a common goal, they realize they can achieve far more collectively than by working alone. Associations exist for the mutual protection and advancement of their members. Fernley & Fernley has a proven track record of consulting with potential start-up organizations, guiding them through the planning analysis in an effort to make a true assessment of the viability of a formal organization and the likelihood of success.

Non-profit Governance (By-laws, Dues Structure, Committee Formation, Elections) — One of the most important elements of a non-profit organization is its leadership and governance infrastructure. This is especially important in light of current issues involving ethics, conflicts of interest, financial stewardship and management oversight practices. Our team of experts can conduct a comprehensive analysis focusing on current operating practices and procedures. In addition, we will review the organization's fundamental governance infrastructure by assessing leadership, board and committee practices, budgeting and financial information, and by-laws. The in-depth evaluation will enable us to develop recommendations designed to enhance the existing structure in support of the mission and the strategic plan.

Executive Leadership - The center of your “Headquarter’s Team” is the Executive Director who communicates, consults and advises the organization’s volunteer leaders on key association challenges. The Executive Director is a strategic thinker and leader, experienced in every aspect of managing and leading a successful non-profit entity. The Executive Director insures that fundamental daily operations are performed in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Working alongside your volunteer leaders, the Executive Director
is prepared to:

  • Identify goals and plan strategies
  • Design and implement programs and projects
  • Monitor short-term and long-term financial goals
  • Coordinate and manage and staff resources
  • Facilitate communications with and among the organization’s leadership

The Executive Director is also responsible for monitoring vital issues affecting your members and taking a proactive stance by developing relationships with key government agencies and other related groups, and can serve as an industry spokesperson, if warranted. By working in close concert with your volunteer leaders, the Executive Director preserves the identity of your organization at all times. Partnering with Fernley & Fernley will provide an added layer of protection that will allow your volunteer leaders to breathe a sigh of relief. In addition to a knowledgeable Executive Director (averaging over 10 years of industry experience) leading the charge, each client is assigned a Management Liaison, a senior-level Fernley associate who will interact with the Executive Director on a routine basis and be fully aware of the challenges impacting your organization. Another benefit of forging an alliance with Fernley is gaining access to shared resources, program and service ideas, and other cost-saving initiatives. During weekly roundtable forums, our Executive Team openly shares ideas and experiences. This is just one of the intangible benefits our clients gain through a partnership with Fernley & Fernley.