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Non-Dues Revenue Opportunities

Value-added Sponsorships
By Jessica Widing, Executive Director & Ethan Gray, Executive Director

Generating non-dues revenue can be a crucial bolster to an association's success in tough economic times. The important thing to remember when marketing to prospects is to offer a wide and customizable range of benefits. The more lines that are cast, the more likely you are to succeed.  Don't just send your promotional materials to the marketing director, also send them to prior contacts and association members with a personal affiliation to a company or institution. Remember that sponsors are looking for year-round value; offer comprehensive sponsorship packages that provide specific conference benefits as well as opportunities for branding before and after a meeting.

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"Non-Dues Revenue"
By Chris Harrington

The current slowdown in the U.S. economy has distressed many Americans where it counts, their pockets. Spending on non-essentials has come to a screeching halt. Most are too afraid to commit to something without a guarantee, and with that the number of new members joining associations has dropped, not to mention a noticeable decrease in membership renewals. Associations must find creative ways to increase their revenue without relying on their members to bear the burden of higher membership dues and other fees.

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"Using the Internet to Increase Revenue"
By Kate Marlys, Administrative Director

Consistently providing valuable member benefits in a cost effective manner is a challenge for most non-profit organizations. An increasingly popular option is to offer online learning sessions. These one hour seminars can provide members with continuing education without leaving their office and can produce a modest stream of revenue for the association.

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