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Management of Non-Profit Organizations

What it Means to be an Accredited AMC
By Vicki L. Scott, Director of Client Services

As a volunteer leader you may already be aware of and appreciate the value of individual professional credentials; however, did you know that Association Management Companies can also possess an industry accreditation?

An AMC Institute Accredited Association Management Company (AMC) like Fernley & Fernley, has undergone a rigorous process to ensure that it has documented policies and procedures (best practices) in place that support quality standards and a commitment to exceptional customer service. The major service areas covered in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved standard are:

  • Client Contracts
  • Service Delivery Procedures
  • Service Evaluation Procedures
  • Financial Management and Controls
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • Employee Evaluation and Professional Development
  • Subcontracting Requirements
  • Record Keeping Requirements
  • Internal Audit Procedures

AMC Institute Accredited AMCs are obligated to regularly evaluate service performance in a formalized fashion with the client, usually the association executive committee or the full board, to guarantee expectations are consistently being met and to identify areas for improvement.

The final component of the accreditation process requires a third-party, (normally a CPA), to perform an onsite review of documentation, staff awareness of processes and procedures, and consistent implementation throughout the Association Management Company. Does this mean that accredited AMCs are better than non-accredited AMCs? You be the judge.

Fernley & Fernley, Inc. is a Charter Accredited AMC.