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Membership Recruitment & Retention

Now, More Than Ever
By Kent Van Amburg, CAE, Executive Director

My approach to financial markets was influenced by the Christmas classic, "It's A Wonderful Life". You might remember the scene where there is a run on the bank and the "Good Old Savings and Loan". Jimmy Stewart tries to calm his customers and tells them, "Potter isn't selling, Potter is buying". That contrarian approach and the call for a cool head should be influencing your approach for managing your association and its assets during this current "recession/depression". Now is not the time for your association to retreat, devalue programs and make cuts in products and services. Now, more than ever, is the time to aggressively build value, invest in benefits and take steps to strengthen, not weaken your association.

The value or the return on investment to members of belonging and participating in your association is greater now than it has been in the past. During the challenging months ahead, you will need every available tool to help you retain and perhaps even build your business. Your association is an important part of your tool chest.

Now is not the time to cut back on the amount of contact that you have with your customers, peers and suppliers. The opportunity to network is one of the greatest benefits of being a member of your association. Now is not the time to cut back or totally eliminate your meetings. This is however the time to look for ways to reduce meeting expenses, while still delivering valuable educational content and networking opportunities.

As a member of your association what can you do to help see your association through this challenging period? You can help keep your association strong by continuing to use its products and services.

  • Register for the Annual Convention as soon as possible.
  • Exhibit during the Booth Program.
  • Sign your employees up for on-line education programs.
  • Encourage non-members to join.

Now, more than ever, you need the value that your association can bring to your company and your association needs your continued involvement.