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Effective Meeting Execution

Meeting Management Companies; Are They Worth My Time and Money?
By Kyle Fernley, Account Manager


Two years ago, in the heart of one of this countryís worst recessions, the answer was invariably no. The hospitality industry was desperate for business; meeting space costs were at an all-time low and travel was viewed as more of a luxury than a necessity. Organizations and associations seeking great deals didnít need to look too far.

In todayís world, the answer to that same question has changed. The hospitality and travel industries are making a comeback. Hotels, convention centers, and airlines feel much less pressure to offer such extreme bargains. Associations, organizations, and societies are turning toward meeting management companies to maintain these bargains.

In 1999, recognizing that the overbuilding of hotels in the 80ís and 90ís were going to create more cost pressures on them and those cost pressures were ultimately going to be passed on to the consumers, Fernley & Fernley launched Premier Meeting Solutions, a professional meetings management company.

As a strategic partner company of Fernley & Fernley, Premier aggressively oversees the meetings management for both Fernley clients as well as several independently managed organizations. Most recently for example, Premier signed a contract with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America to manage 13 of their national and strategic meetings over the next year.

Premier currently works with 24 clients specializing in site selection, contract management, pre-meeting management, on-site meeting management, post-meeting reconciliation, and attendee satisfaction surveys.

It effectively and strategically uses its reputation and relationships with global brands of the caliber of Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, and Starwood to create customized saving opportunities. In 2010 alone, Premier Meeting Solutions saved its clients $2.7 million dollars, up from the $1.8 million Premier saved its clients in 2009.

By providing one-on-one customer service and support to each of their individual clients, Premier has garnered a reputation for being a respected and reputable authority in todayís meeting planning industry.