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Measuring Program Effectiveness

Measuring Program Effectiveness
By Kristen Olszewski, Account Executives

Measuring program effectiveness can be a tough task for both associations and their members. The first step is to understand what "effectiveness" means for your association. Secondly, ensure that every objective is measurable. The key test is: if your program succeeds (or fails), how will you know? Taking the time on the front-end to thoroughly evaluate each program and the desired end results will save you time and money. Just because a program has been offered for many years, doesn't guarantee that it is still seen as valuable to your members.

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"Getting More Bang for Your Buck"
By Timothy Bower, Director of New Business Development

Offering quality programming is essential for today's not-for-profit organizations. Businesses no longer automatically approve the expense of an employee's annual membership fee in a society or association without proof that it will benefit the company in the long run. Employers are weighing not only the dollar impact, but the lost productivity for time away from the office. Therefore it is imperative that not-for-profit organizations evaluate their educational programming to ensure that it offers value to the membership. Programming must also produce the desired return on investment for the association or society.

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