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Marketing & Communication for Today and Tomorrow

"Social Networking"
By Rebecca Mathis, Associate Director

Technology has made it much simpler for businesses and people to connect to one another. Social networking refers to the community or audience that you are targeting, while social media refers to the promotional tools that are used to generate a social network.

The internet allows for a wide variety of social networking opportunities.

The most network friendly sites for business are Xing, Fast Pitch, and Blogger. These sites allow you to create a user or business profile, and take advantage of the technology to connect to other interested business personnel or prospective members. They also provide resources to post classified ads, links to your other social networking platforms, and detailed profiles with photos, videos, and press releases.

In order to make theses networking tools effective, the organization must promote them. A business or association can have several profiles on key sites. This not only helps gain exposure within the networks on the platforms, but also aides in raising the placement on Google and other search engines. Another helpful tip is to use the same key words and phrases in all forms of social media.

Many associations and professional societies are using the internet to expand awareness and create interest in their organization. One potential drawback, however, keeping blogs or a networking page up to date is time consuming. If you’re serious, consider forming a small committee to be responsible for reviewing content frequently.