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Marketing & Communication for Today and Tomorrow

"15 Rules of Successful Marketing"
By Vicki Scott, Director of Client Services

According to some experts, there are 15 rules of successful marketing that should almost never be broken. Although these rules were originally developed for the corporate world, with minor modifications they can be effectively applied to non-profit organizations.

  1. Start with a plan (strategic plan)
  2. Focus on consumers (members)
  3. Target marketing is most effective (send specific messages to specific members)
  4. Position your product (association) for competitive advantage
  5. Sell on value (member benefits), not on price (dues amount)
  6. Leverage a successful brand (association) to launch new products (chapters/divisions)
  7. Don't imitate innovate (programs or services)
  8. Research, test, and analyze knowledge is power (return on investment)
  9. Take calculated risks
  10. Use integrated marketing to promote your product or service (web, email, print)
  11. Advertise based on the principles of reach and frequency
  12. Get the biggest bang for your buck (partner with allied associations)
  13. Remember that "free" sells (offer incentives to join or renew early)
  14. Buy lists to generate sales leads
  15. Always follow "the golden rule of marketing" (treat your customer (members) the way you want to be treated)