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125 Years "Old"... And Still A-Changin'!

By G.A. Taylor Fernley, President & CEO

Reflecting on the day I walked into the hallowed halls of Fernley & Fernley in 1974, the world was much simpler: all associations were financially stable, volunteers abounded, and member needs across our entire client base were closely aligned. Probably the same could be said of the landscape of the year that we were founded in 1886.

Now, enter 2011. Associations are fighting to remain solvent due to dwindling revenue streams. Volunteers no longer have the time to devote even 3-4 years to leadership positions within their industry groups. And, the compositions of our associations (size and sophistication) are widely diverse requiring different service delivery models.

Yes, Bob Dylan, the times are very much a-changin’! And have been and will continue to change as we enter into an even more competitive decade ahead.

F&F has remained alert to these changes and implemented a set of FAST initiatives to meet the growing needs of our valued client base. What then have we done? Specifically, we have been founded on:

  • Flexible Staffing Models. The workforce has forever changed... and so must we. Tele-working and flexible scheduling are but just a few of the models being incorporated by us in today’s workplace.
  • Advance Technology. Invest or die. It’s that simple. Technology is what will separate the good from the great. Short on cash? Get creative and make it happen. There is no option.
  • Strategic Alliances. One of my favorite sayings is: “Do what you do best and farm out the rest.” Leverage your relationships outside your company to build your organization and your brand.
  • Touches” with the customer. Clients are becoming more and more demanding and need to know that you are concerned and committed to their future well-being. Develop a customer relationship program within your firm... and live by it.

By embracing these FAST principles, we have positioned ourselves for continued growth and prosperity... as we today look at ourselves as being 125 years “young”.