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"Going Green"
(Adapted from NBC4.com)
By Lindsay Groff, Executive Director


Even if you can't buy the most environmentally friendly car, there are still plenty of things you can do to get from one place to another with minimum energy. Getting to work, school and running errands all add to your energy budget. To go green you don't have to give up transportation, just use it a bit more wisely.

Work From Home
Instant messaging and video conferencing now allow you to hold conferences or even take online classes. This means you save time and gas.

Use Public Transportation
Trains, buses, boats, car pools and your own feet.

Drive Economically
Even if you can't afford a fancy hybrid, there are plenty of cars that get great mileage. A car that gives you another 10 more miles to the gallon puts $1,000 dollars a year back in your pocket!

Drive Smart
Properly inflate your tires, change your air filter and drive 55 mph on the highway.

Friendly Fuels
Using bio fuels goes way beyond ethanol. Look for environmentally friendly oil car fluids and, of course, read how to use and dispose of them properly.

Car Air Conditioning
It's practically standard on modern cars. Use it wisely. At higher speeds, open windows create drag and lower your mileage. Roll them up and use the air and recirculation. At slower speeds and around town, roll down your windows and catch a cool breeze.

Drive Thru
Avoid the drive thru. Instead of idling in line with your engine running for several minutes, save gas by parking and going inside for your order.

Car Wash
Commercial car washes can be more efficient than home washing. Check to make sure that they clean and recycle the water.

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