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Whether your organization is currently operating as a standalone, working with another management company or being held together by the dedication of volunteers who donate their precious time; joining forces with the only professional association management company with a proven track record extending over 120 years can provide immediate economies of scale - both tangible and intangible. Let us show you how.

By selecting Fernley & Fernley as your "association headquarters," costly overhead for items such as office space, equipment leasing, maintenance agreements and technology upgrades will be greatly reduced; some will even be eliminated. In addition, your organization will significantly lessen its risk by transferring all human resource liabilities and responsibilities to Fernley & Fernley.

Your Board of Directors maintains control by providing well-defined direction and setting the tone for the organization. With your guidance, we will manage the day-to-day tactical operations insuring the mission of your organization is reflected in everything we do. The Fernley & Fernley team prides itself on our successful ability to quickly become conversant and competent in the language unique to each group. We are dedicated to projecting the best possible image for our clients to make certain your organization's individual identity is not lost by transitioning into an environment of professional association management.

Fernley & Fernley's staff of results-driven professionals will function as part of your organization's team to capitalize on existing opportunities and create new ones that will provide member benefits resulting in longevity for the entire organization.