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Company History

The Fernley & Fernley Difference

To better understand the Fernley & Fernley Difference you'll need to look at the company's roots, dating back to the late 1880s. T. James Fernley, a successful hardware wholesaler, was a member of the Hardware Merchants and Manufacturers Association of Philadelphia. Like many association members, he looked to his association for industry information and for an opportunity to network with his peers. Fernley also saw a need for more leadership and, like a true entrepreneur, stepped up to the plate and began helping to manage the Association.

In true entrepreneurial fashion, T. James' son, Thomas A. Fernley, Sr., joined his father shortly thereafter, and the two quickly earned a reputation for exceptional organizational and leadership skills. By 1909, a number of other national associations approached the Fernleys, requesting that they serve as their organization's management team. America's first association management firm was born!

During the last century, additional generations of the family have helped take the firm to new levels of client service, commitment and expertise. Each generation has been committed to the Fernley Mission: to consistently provide professional management to associations and societies through industry involvement and progressive leadership.

Our Mission

We advance the mission of our clients.

Our Vision

Fernley & Fernley will continue to be one of the top Association Management Companies by being the most trusted provider of association management services based on our reputation of excellence, honesty, integrity, and a strong commitment to making our clients’ organizations excel through the strength of our partnership.

Our Values

Integrity and Ethics
Since 1886, Fernley & Fernley has represented the gold standard of integrity and ethics in the AMC industry. Our associates are trustees of that legacy, which guides all of their actions and decisions for our clients.

Our associates strive for excellence in all aspects of their work. This commitment is demonstrated through a client-centric approach in the delivery of all services. This approach is characterized by responsiveness, flexibility, and attention to detail.

Thought Leadership
Fernley & Fernley associates provide leadership to the organizations they serve. By maintaining a diverse portfolio of clients, we ensure that our clients are presented with the full-range of association best practices. Through professional development, we also support our associates as they grow their own knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

Social Responsibility
Fernley & Fernley associates are uniquely qualified and highly dedicated to making a valuable contribution of time and expertise on a local and national level. Our associates are caring citizens committed to giving back to the community, the environment, and each other, displaying what we refer to as “The Fernley & Fernley Difference.”